Safe for the jobsite, emergency, and the environment.

Approved under MUTCD 6i for Temporary Traffic Control


10 Regular
10 DisposaCones
 Leave on Site
 6 Lost Cones
 Total Cost




Why Use DisposaCones?

DisposaCone was developed because there was a need for a temporary barricade that wouldn’t blow away in the wind, cost effective enough to be left onsite while you went off to new projects.

Low profile, highly visible, compact, temporary barricade systems, DisposaCone’s are perfect for almost every jobsite, work area, public event...

Every DisposaCone adheres to any clean dry hard surface, metal, glass, even painted surfaces (wet surfaces or heavy dust will affect adhesion). They can withstand wind, rain and all the normal elements. As a sustainable recyclable paper product (and the only sustainable, attachable, barricade system on Earth!), they’re better for the environment than conventional cones or other barricades made from petroleum. Simply recycle with other paper products when finished.

DisposaCone’s are perfect for temporary markers, monument locators, police emergency or crime scene markers, as well as jobsites or workspaces you need to leave protected.

Sending production crews back at $35.00 an hour to pick up rubber cones that are going to disappear anyway, well…there’s a word for that…and it ain’t flattering. Now you can tell the on-site staff “this project will be ready for traffic in 6 hours” and while they’re pulling your DisposaCone’s for you…you’re already on another job making more money!

With new petroleum based cones running around $12.00 each, why would you want to leave 10 of them onsite, only to pay one of your crew an hour’s wages to go pick up the 4 that remain, spending easily an hour’s worth of wholly unproductive labor, gas, and wear and tear on your vehicles, to do so?

Without even trying, you’ve just spent $147.00 or more to pick up just $48.00 worth of cones. And you’ve lost another $72.00 in cones in the process!

With DisposaCone at well under $3.00 a piece, you could have placed 10 DisposaCone’s onsite for far less than half the cost of just the 6 petroleum based cones that grew legs, told the site personnel “please remove these in 6 hours / 2 days, etc. and the site will be ready for use…” while you’re off on another project making money instead of spending it!

25 DisposaCone’s fit under most car seats, they’re cheaper than petroleum based traffic cones, someone else picks them up for you, and you’ll make more money using them!


Jon Julnes


Innovation Recap

Since the very first version of the innovative DisposaCone in 2008, we’ve received numerous suggestions and requests, ways to improve DisposaCone for general and specific industry use. Our greatest resource is the DisposaCone user base... you! The product is what it is today thanks to your input!

DisposaCone users told us the original (2008) “DisposaCone didn’t really look like a cone… could you print it with those white strips like road cones?” Done. Now those are great locations to write important notes to another contractor, project owner and so on with a Sharpie too!

After some creative engineering, we discovered a simple way to make the product more durable in both wind and rain: a crimp line in the middle of the cone, which when inverted slightly, stands up to 4 days in the wind or rain! An extension of durability that provides 2 more days of use than without the crimp!

How To Use DisposaCone

how to use DisposaCone

Law enforcement agencies requested that we put measurements in inches on both sides for crime scene “perspective” photos. Done!

And for our global friends, now in metrics too!

For most of 2009, we offered the option of reflective or standard cones but the reflective version won by a landslide. High visibility engineer grade reflective tape is now applied to every DisposaCone before it ever leaves our manufacturing plants!

Once again, you asked us to:

  • Make it TALLER!
  • Standardize the Reflective coatings on every DisposaCone
  • Make it more “construction/warning orange”
  • Improve the “sweet spot” of the adhesive for quick application to almost all types of surfaces.
  • Give us convenient packaging containing smaller quantities
  • (And we even improved our retailer program!)

Order now or contact us about becoming a retailer.



DisposaCone now approved under MUTCD 6i for Temporary Traffic Control

DisposaCone is sold through Vanguard ADA Systems Patent #7823526
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