Safe for the jobsite, emergency, and the environment.

Approved under MUTCD 6i for Temporary Traffic Control


Frequently Asked Questions

Will DisposaCones stick to wet surfaces?

All surfaces should be dry prior to use with DisposaCone.

Will DisposaCones hold up in the rain?

Yes, and depending on the severity of the rain, for between 3 - 4 days. We looked at making them entirely impervious to water (out of plastic) and found that 99.9% of our customers wanted a temporary cone, mandating that the product be made from sustainable materials.

Where can I buy DisposaCones?

We're working to establish retail outlets in every city in every state. Please see the Retailers page for a retailer near you. We are actively seeking retail dealers. If you’re a retailer, you can always deal directly with DisposaCone or with one of our excellent nationwide Distributors.

What's that little slot for on the top of every DisposaCone?

Customers told us we needed to have an efficient way to attach warning tape to the product. Take banner tape, run it through the opening on the top of every DisposaCone, tie it off, run the other end through the next DisposaCone, and fully enclose your work area. And, unlike other barricades, because DisposaCones adhere to the surface, the banner tape can't act like a sail and send your cones flying! When properly attached, DisposaCones will not come loose!

What are DisposaCones made of?

Every DisposaCone is made of recyclable paper with two small strips of butyl (tar) adhesive on the base for maximum adhesion. See Photos page for a visual presentation.




DisposaCone now approved under MUTCD 6i for Temporary Traffic Control

DisposaCone is sold through Vanguard ADA Systems Patent #7823526
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